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HoneyBun Soothing Spanking Lotion

Sensuous Sandalwood and luscious Ylang Ylang comingle with care-free Clary Sage in this vitamin A, D, and E enriched corn-flower lotion. A sweet, sensual, sexy sexy smell!

Use mid-spank while you pause for a rest, or great for post-spank. Healing, soothing, smoothing.

Aromas blend wonderfully with other HoneyBun Spanking products.

4 ounce bottle with convenient pop-up cap $ 8.95

SANDALWOOD—Cooling, calming, balancing, uplifting, purifying, Sandalwood is a gentle sedative that has an elevating, opening, and grounding effect on the psyche. It has traditionally been used as an aid in meditation and spiritual practices, and in association with the third eye chakra. It allows for a stillness which encourages creativity and a state of inner unity, perfect for a mid-spank pause for post-spank cool-down. It's woody, exotic, soft scent is the meadow upon which the other scents used in HoneyBun Soothing Lotion frolic.

YLANG YLANG— A euphoric, sensual and sedative, aphrodisiac, Ylang Ylang combats depression, stress, nervous tension, as well as shyness and emotional guilt. [Of course, if you are using HoneyBun Spanking Lotion as intended, you are probably well-past any of these!] Its relaxing properties have been proven in scientific experiments: ylang-ylang significantly increases alpha wave activity in the brain. With its soothing antiseptic properties, it is often used to treat irritated skin, and some aromatherapists prescribe Ylang Ylang for impotence and frigidity.
CLARY SAGE—regenerates energy and inspires both mind and spirit. It can induce a kind of euphoria or a feeling of elation. This oil brings about a sense of calmness and confidence in stressful situations and it has an uplifitng efffect on the mind. It can also encourage vivid dreams and enhances creative work. Clary sage's nature is to encourage us to be more receptive and allowing. is considered by aromatherpaists ascribe many wonderful properties to Clary Sage: relaxing, sedating, revitalizing, euphoric, inspiring. It provides an herbal, nutty middle note to the lotion's fragrance. Clary sage was called herba sacra, or 'sacred herb' by the Romans. It was thought to banish all grief from the mind and body.